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Ever been in a pinch when you needed to share a file urgently between PCs? Or perhaps you manage a team with various file transfer needs? Well, there’s a myriad of reasons why you could be in dire need of efficient and secure file-sharing solutions right from your PC. No more last-minute USB dashes or fumbling with email attachments. 

Want to know how you can streamline your file transfer processes, whether they’re work-related, personal projects, or anything in between! Here’s the ultimate guide to quick share for PC

Understanding the Quick Share Necessity

guide to quick share for PC

When time is of the essence, Quick Share for PC becomes a crucial feature for anyone who values efficiency. However, the ‘quick’ part is just one aspect. Security, ease of use, and platform compatibility also play pivotal roles. In this guide, you’ll explore applications and built-in PC features that allow you to share files swiftly and safely.

Top Built-in Ways to Share Files on Windows

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Want to share files without downloading any third-party apps? Well! We have got the perfect solution for you! 

Windows File Explorer

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The traditional method, using File Explorer, involves navigating to the file or folder you want to share, right-clicking on it, and selecting the ‘Share‘ option. You can send items via email, Bluetooth, or various messaging apps, depending on what’s enabled on your device.

Homegroup (Windows 7 and 8)

ultimate guide to quick share for PC

For those with older systems, Homegroup simplifies file-sharing between PCs on the same network. Once activated, you can easily share folders for network users to access.

Quick Share for PC WithThird-Party Apps 

quick share for PC

If you prefer using third-party apps, here are 3 options that will make file transfers as easy as pie. 


Home page of Blomp

BlompGo is a user-friendly Windows application that transforms Blomp cloud storage into a virtual drive on your computer, allowing seamless file management and easy sharing directly from your file explorer.

Send Anywhere

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Send Anywhere simplifies file transfers across platforms. You can share files via a 6-digit key or by a direct link.


quick share for PC

With Pushbullet, not only can you transfer files but also send and receive SMS messages from your computer, making it a great all-in-one solution for sharing various types of data.


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More than just a file-sharing application, TeamViewer also enables remote desktop access, online meetings, and the ability to host web conferencing.

Quick Share for PC: FAQs

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Is there a file size limit for quick-sharing tools?

The capability to transfer large files varies by tool and network conditions. However, most tools allow for file sizes of several gigabytes.

How secure is file sharing through these tools?

Many of these apps employ encryption to secure your shared files. Always ensure you’re aware of privacy and security settings before choosing a tool for sharing.

Share Big Files Effortlessly WIth Bigg.ly

Talking about the best solution that lets you share files quickly across PCs, Bigg.ly is the ultimate solution. With Bigg.ly, you can send large files via email fast and securely for free. Its user-friendly platform boosts your work-from-home productivity without sacrificing security or speed. 

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