Frequently Asked Questions



Do I have to register to use

No registration is required to use our file transfer service. You can use our service for free to send files to your contacts or to get a sharing link easily.


Do you use my email address?

We do not sell nor do we distribute the data of our users to third-party entities.


Do you store information about me?

We store information (e-mail address, IP address, language, browser used…) necessary for our service to function properly with your account whether you are a guest user or a TransferNow Premium account holder. This information is also used for safety reasons and to allows us to create stats on our service so we can improve it.


Is my information safe?

We personally ensure the safety and confidentiality of the files you send. In order to guarantee the safety and privacy of your data, all intra-site communication is done through HTTPS (SSL protocol).


Which file extensions does accept?

All file extensions are allowed, except for executable files (*.exe) and hidden files (files starting with a “.”).


What is the maximum size allowed for a file or a transfer?

You can upload up to 4GB per transfer as a guest user and 20GB as a TransferNow Premium member. There is no size limit per file. We use Gigabytes as opposed to Gibibytes as a file measure.


Why is the upload so slow?

We do not limit the file upload speed. This is probably due to your internet connection. For example, with ADSL, file uploads will take on average 8 times longer that downloads (asymmetric rate), which is not true of fiber optic connection.


Can I upload a directory or folder?

You can choose to send files or a folder (depending on the compatibility and version of your internet browser.) You can also create an archive (zip, rar, etc.) on your computer and then upload it.


Why is the download slow?

We limit the download speed to 5 MB/s (40 Mbps), in order to best distribute speed among our users. We are committed to ensure a download speed of 1 MB/s at peak use times. If you do not reach this speed, it can be because of your internet connection. You can try restarting your modem/router or check if a firewall is blocking the service.


The files were downloaded successfully, but I can’t find them.

They can be in your download folder (Downloads) or on your desktop. If you still do not find, use the search function on your computer.


I can’t open the downloaded .zip folder.

We automatically create a zip file with the format: TransferNow –, if the sender did specify a subject or name for the file transfer. If the sender specified a subject or name for the file transfer, then the .zip comprising all of the files will have a custom name. To extract the files, you need help from software. We recommend this free software: 7zip on Windows and The Unarchiver for Mac. You can also choose to only download the files you need.