email a big video

Email is a convenient way to share files and videos with friends, family, and colleagues. However, emailing large videos can be challenging since most email providers have file size limits. Sending large video files via email could result in your email being rejected, or it could take a long time to upload and send the video. Fortunately, there are several methods for sending big videos via email, such as compressing the file, using cloud storage services, or sending a link to the video. 

It can be difficult to send large videos through email, but with the right platform and knowledge, it’s possible. This guide will explain how to use to quickly and easily email a big video. The Video

email a big video 

To begin, navigate to the home page of Once you access the site, you’ll come across a simple form where you can input the necessary information. Using our file transfer service is completely free and doesn’t require any registration. You can easily send files to your contacts or obtain a sharing link without any hassle.

Upload Your Video

Next, you can upload your video to the platform, which features an easy-to-use interface. You can either drag and drop the file directly into the platform or select it from your computer or cloud storage.

email a big video

You can upload files up to 4GB per transfer, whereas TransferNow Premium members can upload up to 20 GB. There are no limitations on file size. Additionally, we utilize Gigabytes, rather than Gibibytes, as the file measurement.

Customize Your Sharing Options

Afterward, you can customize your sharing options using premium. You can establish expiration dates for your files, add password protection, and decide whether or not to enable downloads.

Share Your Video

email a big video

Once your video is uploaded and your sharing options are set, you can share it with your intended recipient. You can send the video via email, link, or embed it on your website. Your recipient will receive a notification and can download the file from’s secure servers.

Final Words

email a big video

In conclusion, sending large files can be challenging, but provides a fast and secure solution with various customization options and advanced tracking features. By following these straightforward steps, you can confidently send large files, knowing they’re safe and secure on’s servers. 

Sign up today and email big videos effortlessly.