Organizations, no matter their size, need to secure their data in any way they can. Files used for payment details, customer information, company materials and so on are vital to be kept secured. Today, we’ll show you how SFTP can help you.

Given the current way of life, organizations are constantly using file transferring tools to communicate and work together. File transferring is simply exchanging data files between computer systems. This means they are introducing the information to the network, the exact place where hackers are just waiting to latch onto something.

What is an SFTP?

Let’s start with what SFTP stands for. SFTP stands for secure file transfer protocol.

As it is mentioned, SFTP is a type of file transfer in a secure way that eases up the data transfer and access process. Being the next generation of file transferring protocol (which also is known as FTP), SFTP is a great tool to use in case of transferring files between a client device and another server.

Why is SFTP considered an advanced FTP?

One of the key features that is found on SFTP is the security it offers while transferring files. Being a great way to transfer sensitive information, SFTP uses the following way to secure the files being transferred:

  • Secure shell: this gives its users a secure way to access the computer at the same time of using an unsecure network. SSH (which is the acronym for secure shell) provides the users strong password authentications.
    Encryption is another way that SFTP protects the files you choose to send over the network. Encrypting your data makes it hard for others to access and read the information being transferred.
Encrypting your data means making your data unreadable.

(Don’t worry, it’ll turn back to normal once it gets to the place you sent it to.)

The Benefits:

There are also many other benefits to using SFTP. We already mentioned security, which is a huge plus and relief to its users so let’s take a look at some others:

Flexibility: When choosing SFTP as a way of file transfer, you experience great flexibility which helps with remote working. No matter where you are, with SFTP you have nothing to worry about because it allows you and your colleagues to access the files. This could help your organization and provide a huge competitive advantage.

Less cost: With only signing up, you will have access to many SFTP features in no time. This helps many organizations to get rid of many hardware, servers, infrastructure and their costs almost immediately. In addition, SFTP also helps you get rid on business costs, that is the cost of having an IT staff. Employing full timers with great knowledge although helps you a lot but they will also cost you, and it simply gets rid of that cost. And what does an organization want more?

Scalability: When you’re a small business, this might not seem as a problem for you. However, as your business grows and your data increases, capacity might be a problem. What’s great about this protocol is it easily provides you the ability to scale up and down.

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