The world is changing, our technology is evolving, and the necessities we once had are completely different. At first, it was important for companies to have telephone service in order to communicate with one another. Later, as technology evolved, the internet became a crucial part of our everyday lives. Nowadays, given the increased amount of remote work, it is important for organizations to have a good solution in order to keep their communication ongoing. In addition, they should most definitely know about MFT: managed file transfer.

By communication, transferring relevant files and documents is what really interests the companies. During these transfers, the safety, the speed, the automation capabilities and many more features are taken into consideration.

So, today we will be talking about a file transferring solution – MFT.

What is MFT?

Managed file transfer also known as MFT can be explained as a solution, software – technology platform, and cloud service. From its name we can understand that this software has a lot to do with transferring files from one device to another.

What can you transfer with Managed File Transfer software?

  •  Project data
  • Employee information
  • Files and documents
  • Crucial contracts
  • Reports

These electronic data transfers can either be an internal transfer in an enterprise or an external one. More and more companies are deciding to rely on MFT to support their business needs. Why is that?

Managed File Transfer (MFT)

There are many benefits that MFT presents, some of them are:

  • Better Security
  • Bigger Size
  • More control
Now let’s get into the details!

Let me tell you why companies give great importance to the security it provides for their documents. No matter what type of business one works in, keeping sensitive information protected is a must. Having a secure service not only shows professionalism, but also shows reliability, credibility, and good reputation. Just imagine constantly losing necessary files, getting hacked and not being able to complete simple tasks. Who would trust an organization that is not capable of protecting their information? I know I wouldn’t.

Looking at the data size, MFT provides the chance for organizations to transfer their files no matter how big they are. Nowadays, the number of users that share files have grown by a huge amount. Think about it, as files get larger, it will take more time for them to be transferred from one device to another, especially if the distance is huge. MFT has the solution you need; that is acceleration of big data movements no matter where you are and where you want them to be transferred.

Now let’s talk about having control over your files. Having control over your data transfer is a very important feature for organizations, especially files that include high volume data. Nobody wants to be left in the dark, not knowing what is happening to their files.

In addition to these benefits, using MFT you can save both time and money, improve scalability and simplify the process of your transfers. Want to learn more? We got your back! Just click on our website and we’ll take you to our blog section