These days, TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram are filled with videos that look like they were made by professionals. How can you jump on the video file-sharing trend if you only have your phone? Don’t worry—while some phones are better than others for videography, you can still make high-quality videos by following these easy steps.

Keep it Still

No one wants to watch a shaky video unless you’re going for a Blair Witch Project vibe. Set your phone on a table, tree, car, or tripod if you have one. This simple act will automatically give you high-quality videos compared to a handheld one. Some phone cases have stands that pop out. You can set them on flat surfaces, and you can buy these online for a low cost.

Shoot Horizontally

The difference between a quick shot and a film is simple—it’s the angle! While TikTok is going to be vertical, short films for YouTube or contests will look far more professional if they’re horizontal. Just turn your phone around when you’re filming, and the quality will be apparent. And you can always edit the scope before sharing the file or uploading to the cloud to make it exactly the way you want.

Don’t Zoom!

Using the zoom feature on your phone will pixelate the image and make it blurry. Instead, walk to your shot to get a close-up. Or better yet, put together a makeshift dolly with a skateboard and rope, as they can get extremely expensive.

Don't zoom to get your High-Quality Videos

Pay Attention to Your Audio

Nothing kills a video faster than not being able to hear what’s said. But not all of us have access to microphones and boom mics, so try and film in a quiet place with little wind or background noise. Or, you can record your dialogue separately with a recording app on your phone, keep the file in cloud storage, and overlay it during editing.

Make sure you pay attention to your audio which heavily influence your High-Quality Videos

Film Multiple Clips

There’s no need to film your entire project all at one time, even on a phone. You can shoot each segment one by one. Then upload them to the cloud so they’re all in one spot when you’re ready to piece them together in the editing process. That will save space on your phone, too, as we all know how much storage videos take up. offers free cloud storage and transfer. So, you can send all your clips to your computer or your final product to your friends.

Making high-quality videos take time and effort, whether you have a nice camera or a normal smartphone. But if you have the will, you can make something beautiful! Just don’t forget to share it with your friends and family using, the best option for online file sharing.