Not using email today has become impossible. All of us rely on it in one way or another. Most of our professional communication, and sometimes even personal communication, is done through emails. However, is sending sensitive information through email safe?

The answer is no.

Sure, email is convenient, but it is not safe to share your sensitive data for multiple reasons. We are still shaken by the infamous Collection 1 Breach, which included more than 772,904,991 email accounts that got breached. This taught us one thing, email isn’t safe

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4 Reasons Why Sending Sensitive Information through Email Not safe

1.   Device Vulnerabilities

The first problem you face if you send sensitive data on emails is your device. What if someone gets hold of your device and accesses your emails? You might counter by saying devices are password-secured but are they?

Passwords and lock screens are not immune to breaches, so your data is always at risk. Moreover, the data on your emails is usually stored as files in your smartphone storage, from where anyone can access it, even if they do not access your email directly.

2.   Server Vulnerabilities

Whatever data you send in the email is stored on a server. It might also be stored on multiple servers. Your emails are stored as plain text on these servers, which is a poor way of securing data. So, when a hacker breaks into a server, everything is served on a plate to them.

3.   Network Vulnerabilities

If someone other than your organization hosts your email, your sensitive data is potentially vulnerable. So, if you send an email to someone outside of your organization, it passes through at least three connections. Therefore, it’s giving hackers multiple points for breaches.

If the recipient uses the same service, there are only two vulnerable points. However, if they are on another service, you add more vulnerability. Therefore, if you secure one part, the next might be at risk of hacking.

4.   No Control over Sent Emails

While you might take all the pains on your side to secure your data whether the other side reciprocates your efforts, is not guaranteed. Once you hit send, the email goes to its destination, and then you have no control over it. The recipient can do anything with your data, from saving to forwarding it.

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