Every organization shares data. How do you share data and heavy files in your academic institution? Do you face file and data sharing security issues at your office? Bigg.ly is an effective solution and a platform for data sharing and file transfer. Communication and sharing are an essential part of our lives, especially when this era has converted to a whole global village. We need to stay connected to share and be up-to-date. One way to do this with ease is through online means. Many prefer soft copy forms of documents Therefore, they are:

  • Shared worldwide
  • Free of cost
  • Require the least amount of time to send and receive.
Share Your Heavy Files Securely

Using Bigg.ly to Share Your Heavy Files Securely

Bigg.ly allows you to share your confidential files or data to your contacts securely. It shares your file irrespective of the size or type. Bigg.ly allows you to transfer your file with easily, safely, cost-effectively, and quickly. These benefits attract businesses, educational institutions, and other organizations to use the one file transferring and sharing platforms like Bigg.ly.

You made your extensive CV containing media of your transcripts ready for Email? Good. You have rendered a video concerning a project that is to be transferred to the client? Good.

Meeting deadlines and clients’ needs is essential. But upon completion, people find themselves in muddy land when it comes to transferring the files. Conventional ways for transferring data like email, Messenger, and WhatsApp limit the amount of data transferred.  The data limit can land us in hot waters in a last-minute debacle. This is where Bigg.ly comes in. Bigg.ly service is simple, transferring big data all bundled and stripped down to a single link. The link, when opened, redirects the user towards the servers to download the file. The file size can be uploaded in a single use of 20 GB for premium users, thus ensuring big chunks of data to be easily accessible by just clicking a link. The service is designed for business activities as well as for personal uses. It is easy to use systems that make it very important for sharing report files, invoices for data, and meeting results in the concerned chat rooms. And yes, it is free.