Many of us don’t take Computer Security and cyber security seriously. Honestly, nobody is safe from these crimes in the digital world. It’s a real threat for people who belong to any niche, but people who have sufficient technical knowledge can find the optimal solutions for it.

It’s crucial to always take safety precautions for securing your data either for clients or for organizations. Perhaps people don’t know that security issues usually come with file transfer. It’s necessary to ensure files are being transferred safely by employees.

A cybercrime survey concluded that 32% of organizations get into trouble with cybercrime last year. Just to minimize the percentage we came up with smart tips and solutions to get ourselves secure from any file sharing hurdle.

Computer Security

1- Set Complex Passwords

Firstly, passwords are the most exposed element when it comes to cyber protection. Strong and critical passwords can help you keep your data safe and make access complicated to your information.

Consider including some of these password features that make it difficult for hackers to crack them:

  • A string of numbers that are unrelated
  • Upper and lowercase letters
  • Symbols
  • Eight characters minimum
  • Words that aren’t in the dictionary

2- Make Updates to Your Passwords

Setting safe passwords and updating them regularly is a good idea, update them every 90 days once they are assigned.

In fact, the median number of days a hacker resides in a network before they’re detected is 140 days almost 5 months. However, frequently changing your passwords makes it challenging for hackers to access your accounts.

3- Don’t Email Your Files

We assume that emails are the best yet safe option to share files. Sadly, emails have no way to protect our files, they actually don’t give any good enough security options that hackers can easily gain information.

4- USBs are Not Safe

Another misconception, we find USB the safest way for file transferring. They aren’t reliable being handy and portable there’s high risk of losing them. You have no idea whose hands the information will fall into.

5- Secure Connection Can Save You

Your data is available to hack if your connection is not secure. In a corporate work environment, this isn’t an issue, since many companies understand the risk of internet connections that aren’t encrypted.

In conclusion, you don’t have to worry anymore about your file sharing and other related stuff, is there to make things better for your business.