It doesn’t matter if your files are work related, school related or just includes family memories, you want them safe. There are many times where you are obliged to send someone a file so large that only services like can provide. You might hesitate at first; however, once you read this article, your life will become much easier. No matter how large a file is, sharing it will be a click away.

You might ask yourself, “I understand that it is easy, but is it safe?” You have come to the right place because this article will break it down for you.

Data sharing can nowadays be considered to be as one of the most important processes while running a business. You need to share files while working with an accountant, a graphic designer, a CEO, and a teacher.  We all agree that almost every type of work needs this service. Most of the time it is very easy to do so, with just using your email, a USB, a hard drive or even your phone. However, problems arise when the files you are going to share are extremely large.

Don’t worry, there are many services that help you share your files. However, not all of them are safe. A good media for transferring files takes an extra step to protect your files, images, videos, or documents.

Many services take the extra step to secure your files such as:

Make use of links. In order to keep your files secure, you need to make sure they are not in the wrong hands. That is why many services provide you with a link to share. The person you want to have your folders can access the link and view your folders. This way no hacker or thief can get to your important information.

When sharing files

No matter its level of importance you also need to be careful and protect your files. You can:

  • Make sure you are using a safe service. A file sharing service must be end to end encrypted so that it keeps the hackers and cyberthieves away.
  • Remove the files you no longer use from the system. This way, no one can get to it no matter how hard they try.
  • Be careful who you give permission and access to. Giving access to the link or password means giving access to all your folders, so think twice.

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