Reliable File Sharing Options

Sharing pictures on social platforms is easy. We all have been doing that with reliable file-sharing tools for years. But it gets confusing when we have to share a file larger in size or different in format. That is what

In that case, the terminologies get confusing. Do you also get dizzy when you hear about FTP, P2P, and whatnot? Don’t worry; you are not alone.

Let us be your knight in shining armor. We’ll help you through this in a summarized guide.


Do you have a large file and also essential data that you need to send across? FTP or file transfer protocol is just the angel in disguise you were looking for! All that it requires is for you to specify the source and the destination of the selected file, and it will also do the task for you.

A command protocol window can also quickly generate a file transfer protocol. Even a program like Filezilla and Telnet or both will work well with a user interface.


Peer to peer is the secure connection that allows you to share your file with a selected few! Moreover, P2P programs like Limewire and Gnutella remove the need for a host server and allow you to transfer data through your internet connection.


With the cloud, you can create a safe backup for your data and share your information swiftly as well.  With cloud services, you have to upload your data on a third-party host server like OneDrive and iCloud. After that, users can download it to their devices. It is indeed an intelligent solution for your needs.


Email is one of the most basic types of file transfer options. All that needs to be done is to attach a file to your outgoing email, and voila! Your file is sent. This way, you can send a document corresponding to your email, etc.

Removable Storage

We don’t have a network connection available all the time. In that case, a physical drive is always a reliable data-sharing option. For this to work, you’ll need to copy the data on the removable drive and then plug in the drive on the device where you want to transfer it.

According to cybercrime magazine, the world will have 200 zettabytes of data by the year 2025. With this amount of data comes the need for reliable file sharing options. We have mentioned 5 reliable file-sharing options. If you are still confused, then allow to provide the solution for all your sharing needs.