To improve our users’ experience, we ran a survey on the commonest issues peculiar to file-sharing platforms. Well, the problems we found were quite baffling, considering the hype among current giant file-sharing platforms. These issues became even more prominent as more people opted for remote jobs during the covid-19 pandemic.

Here are the top eight file-sharing issues we found.

1. File size restriction

Several users observed that sending large files using certain file-sharing platforms was difficult. For some users, it takes multiple fails and tries to get a large file through. And when it did go through, they had to deal with unwanted file modifications that occurred during transfer.

2. File corruption

File corruption is mostly associated with the transfer of large files. Large text files are at the top of the most reported file corruption cases. Users also reported discoloration in photo files and sound distortion in audio files.

3. Access complications

Restricted access to uploaded files is yet another problematic issue. On multiple occasions, files uploaded by users suddenly became inaccessible, and they had to delete and re-upload them to gain back root access.

4. Synchronization failures

Cases of synchronization failures were predominantly recorded amongst file-sharing app users. Synchronization with certain devices was time-consuming and sometimes inefficient.

5. Cancelled uploads

Failed uploads are another common file-sharing issue. According to reports, the slightest shift in the Internet connection speed could cancel an upload rather than slow it down.

6. Complicated user interface

Some users complained about the overly sophisticated user interface employed by some file-sharing platforms and how complicated it was to navigate. Undoubtedly, sharing a file shouldn’t take more than a few clicks.

7. Data loss

Reports of undelivered transfers are surprisingly common. File transfers are completed in many instances, but the sent files never reach their destinations.

8. No delivery reports

The absence of a delivery message after a file has been sent might seem trivial, but users need that reassurance. And in most cases, they never get it.

We also received great remarks about some of these platforms during our survey. The best reviews were based on their transfer speed and free subscription plan. Nonetheless, the issues highlighted above are things you shouldn’t have to deal with.

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