What is SFTP, and How Does it Work?

SFTP, otherwise known as Secure File Transfer Protocol, is an encrypted protocol that provides high levels of protection when sending and receiving files. SFTP, HTTPS, and FTPS are secure protocols, but HTTP and FTP are not.

SFTP - Secure File Transfer Protocol

HTTPS traffic for online storage and backup climbed by 50% between January and September 2015. It is also emerging in the present volatile digital circumstances. It supports numerous ways for connection authentication, including user IDs and passwords, SSH keys, and combinations of these.

Transferring Files Using SFTP

The way of initiating File Transfer includes the following steps:

1.   Generate and Copy SSH Keys to Remote Server

Create SSH keys to set up password-less SFTP access instead of relying on passwords. Then, check your SSH access. After that, if no issues happen, exit the session.

2.   Start an SFTP Connection

Using the commands provided, establish a Secure File Transfer Protocol connection. Use another command to modify the Secure File Transfer Protocol port if you use a custom SSH port. A Secure File Transfer Protocol prompt will appear once you’ve connected.

3.   Transfer Files from Remote Server to Local Storage or Vice Versa

Firstly identify the local and remote working directories using Secure File Transfer Protocol commands. Use the get command to transfer a file to your system from a remote server and vice versa. Once downloaded, the file will appear on your local computer or in the remote directory under /user/home. Use the mget command to download multiple files via SFTP.

PRO TIP: Remember that you must type the command put or get and then hit the TAB key to download and upload files using SFTP.

Final Thoughts!

This article explains the fundamentals of using the Secure File Transfer Protocol to send secure files. The File Transfer helps transfer data between numerous data sources and can benefit your business.

Sending large files through email is a hassle. However, make sure you are not compromising the security of your information. Use Bigg.ly to transfer huge files over SFTP securely through email.