Almost 3.196 billion emails are sent and received every day. However, the Gmail attachment size limit is 25MB. Do you want to know how to send a file over 25MB on Gmail?

Gmail attachment size limit

Here are three ways you can send large files via Gmail.

1.   Upload Files on Google Drive

You can share files by uploading them to Google drive. The drive is connected to Gmail, and you can directly insert the file from the Drive without the hassle of looking after the size limit.

The best thing about opting for Google Drive is that you can track the sharing. You can manage who can access the file. Also, you would know when someone opened the file.

Another benefit of sharing files uploaded on the drive is the negligible probability of such emails going to spam.

2.   Compress the Files

If you have to share a lot of large files, you can create a zipped folder. It is a compressed form of the original data that the recipient can easily unzip. Though most people think it is a complicated process, you can zip a folder in seconds.

You can either use compression software or directly zip it through file settings on Windows. You can compress the files greater than the Gmail file attachment size limit and upload the folder directly to the mail.

3.   Split the File

One way to send large files is to split them into smaller ones and send them in multiple emails. Though it can be a suitable option for documents and pdfs, splitting the file to bypass the email attachment size limit is never a good option for sending large videos.

Also, if you opt for this option, you will have to search for a reliable file splitter to make sure the file is professionally split. If you are sending professional emails, make sure you choose the best file splitter. | Send Big Files with Big Relief

Not wanting to use Google Drive or compress files? Do you think file splitter is not the right option for you? If you are an amateur when it comes to Gmail attachment settings, can help you send large files with great relief. All you have to do is provide the email address, and your mail will be sent in minutes.