Do you work with sensitive data? Are you scared that transferring these files might cause you headaches? You should. The internet is a pretty scary place. You are not alone if you have a fear of sharing things on the internet. Many spend time and effort into finding the best practices for finding the best file transfer encryption methods.

You don’t have to do the work, did it for you and our answer is… drum roll please!

Encryption. What exactly is file transfer encryption, you might ask? Encrypted file transfer is a security measure that protects the files you put on the network. This measure prevents the outsiders from having the ability to read the data you want to transfer.

How does data encryption work?

When data is encrypted, it manipulates the included information. It then turns them into a format that no one can identify. But don’t you worry! Once the information reaches where it needs to be, your data can be readable again. Therefore, it will be ready for anyone you want to give access to.

This is “old news”. However, what I’m about to tell you next is just as important. Not only should you make sure your data is encrypted while being transferred, but also when they are at rest. Meaning when they are just “chilling” in your home server. With this, you’ll be able to add an additional layer of protection to your files and folder. This makes it even harder for the hacker to steal your data.

With millions of data shared every day on the internet, you can see why an encrypted file transfer is not a necessity but a must!

When talking about encryption, you cannot forget about HTTPS which stands for “Hypertext Transport Protocol Secure”. HTTPS is also a method for encryption, however, for encrypting the content found on web pages. With this method, it completely protects the traffic that appears between the user and the website. This gives the user full confidence into trusting the webpage being visited. When implementing HTTPS, make sure to include it on each and every page found on the website no matter how hard it is. Thanks to today’s advanced technology, there are many online testing platforms that can help you test the effectiveness of your HTTPS.

Now that you know more about file transferring, you can now use it for you and your business’s benefits. For more information and more blogs, visit and learn more!