Get rid of your USB drive right now!

Do you remember the plot of Mission Impossible 5, where Tom Cruise and his fellows had to steal a USB drive from a building?

These drives may look cool in movies, but they pose a big question.

Are they secure?

You do not want to save your sensitive data in a drive only to get it stolen by some wannabe Tom Cruise.

Apart from this, there are various other reasons to abandon old USB drives. So, leave the past in the past and enter into an era of clouds and virtual storage and keep your data protected and safe.

USB drive

Easy to Lose

According to a study done by Ponemon Institute, out of 400 businesses, 70% believe that their major data breach happened because of a lost thumb drive. USBs drives are small, and hence it is very easy to lose them.

Limited Life Span

USBs do not have an infinite life span, and you cannot buy one and expect to use it forever. After a certain time, they will start showing malfunctions, and you will end up losing your precious data.

Limited Storage

USBs have limited storage. Once you buy a USB with specific storage, you cannot upgrade or expand it. In case of more data needs, you will need to buy another and another and another. The previous company I worked for had a cabinet reserved for thumb drives only.

Corruption Risk

The thumb drives are meant for taking data from one device to another. But sometimes, they take a little more than the data you intend to transfer. They can transmit viruses and malware from an infected system to yours, and these viruses can also corrupt the USB drive and its data.

Security Issue

USBs are simple to use, you plug them in, and they start working. Perhaps this simplicity is what makes them vulnerable. BadUSB is a security threat that allows hackers to remotely install malware on the USBs and take over your computer.

Prone to Damage

Like any other physical object, USBs are prone to damage, and they can fall in water or get destroyed by careless use. Therefore, it’s wiser to store your data on a cloud, where the calamities of this physical world can not touch it.

Absence of Recycle Bin

There is no recycle bin on a USB. Hence you must be careful while deleting files from a USB. Once you hit that delete button, there is no coming back. Is the Ultimate Solution for Your Sharing Needs

Now that we have established that USB drives are a thing of the past. And modern technology has replaced them. You must be wondering how to securely share those large files you used to transfer through a USB drive. The solution is allows seamless transfer of large files in a matter of seconds. So, go to and start sharing today.