When you need to share files over the internet, opting for file-sharing platforms with the most beneficial features is only logical.

You might have noticed that thousands of file-sharing platforms offer the “ideal” file-sharing solutions. But a deeper look would show that most of these platforms only propose the option to transfer files and nothing more.

Well, you deserve more.

We’ve compiled a list of unique file-sharing features that would usher you into a work-life of ease, plus where you can get such fantastic services:

1. Multiple Entries

Multitasking has been the major highlight of many technological advancements in recent years. It’s the reason why we have software updates with more integrative add-ons.

Using a file-sharing platform that allows multiple entries, that is, sending multiple files to various recipients at once, will save you time and energy.

2. Message Attachment

Professionalism could mean many things, including the art of attaching messages to a sent file. Descriptions, greetings, reminders, ads, and instructions are amongst the million things senders can attach to their files.

Having a message attachment feature in a file-sharing software is bliss. This way, senders wouldn’t need to send an accompanying email to express details about their projects and services.

3. Sent File History

A catalog of your transactions outside the confines of your email service is a convenience you shouldn’t have to pay to enjoy. You can have that with a sent file history.

The sent file history is like a receipt lodger for successful and unsuccessful file transfers. It helps you document every transfer you’ve made for reference purposes.

4. File Tracker

Wouldn’t you like a real-time feed of your file movement during the transfer session? You can get that and even more with the file tracker feature.

File trackers notify senders once a sent file reaches its recipient. Some advanced file trackers could also keep a download record of the file. In other words, you’d get to know if and when your client downloads a sent file.

5. Branding Element

Delivering effective solutions is one way to stand out in the business world. However, branding is the primary element of one’s business identity.

The above fact makes file-sharing platforms with easy-to-use use branding capabilities priceless. Putting a stamp of your brand on your transfers would go a long way in establishing a sense of authority with your clients.

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