cloud storage

We all use cloud storage, sometimes without even realizing it. It’s connected to our phones and computers, and we upload items at work and on the go. So, how could we possibly utilize our cloud storage usage? It’s easier than you think. 

1. Entertainment 

cloud storage

No matter if you have 20GB or 2TB of cloud storage for videos! You will still need plenty of space for all your entertainment needs. With online cloud storage, you can adjust the amount of cloud storage you use. (In case you’ve downloaded the newest season of Bridgerton.) Besides, the cloud has other entertainment options, too—try utilizing it for gaming online or uploading your music collection so it’s always available. 

2. Work or School

On the other hand, if your cloud is full of songs/photographs, you could also take a more professional route. The cloud is a safe space for sensitive information. So you never have to worry about leaving your important files at home. 

And if you’re still anxious about how secure cloud storage is when putting critical data online, don’t worry—94% of businesses use cloud services, so you can feel confident in your decision to follow them!

3. Backups 

cloud storage

Having a cloud backup is always a good idea, but especially for your work. With the cloud, you can set it up to save copies automatically, which is a relief when you lose power and need to recover the paper you’d been working on for an hour. Additionally, it doesn’t hurt to have alternate versions of family pictures, just in case.

4. Memories 

cloud storage

Finally, the cloud is the best place to store all those precious memories of your family and friends. Unlike a photo album, which could be damaged or lost, the cloud can store all the wedding pictures, home videos, and celebrations your heart desires! 

Never again will you have to worry about maxing out your camera taking pictures of your kids or pets (hey, we don’t judge!) 

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