When planning for email advertisement, a major concern is that bulk emails usually end up in spam folders.

The average global spam volume reached 283 billion spam emails per day in July 2021. It was the highest spam volume recorded in the previous year.

So, what is it exactly that you are doing wrong? Before getting to know the solution to the problem, you need to find out the root cause of the problem.

bulk emails

Here are 4 reasons why your emails get spammed:

You Don’t Have the Permission to Send Emails

The prime reason why bulk emails end up getting spammed is the lack of permission.

If you want to advertise properly, respect the privacy of your recipient and get their permission.

If you are sending emails to a random email list that you have somehow obtained, then I have bad news for you. That will lead you to most likely get blocked and spammed.

Your Subscribers Have Reported You

Sometimes users block unnecessary emails. If a recipient blocks you, your emails go to their spam folders.

There might be two reasons, either you send a hell lot of emails, or your subscribers have forgotten you.

The only way to avoid this situation is to make your identity prominent in your emails.

Recipients Don’t Engage with Your Emails

What’s the point of entertaining emails that recipients don’t open? It is how this bulk email thing works.

If recipients don’t open/engage with your emails or delete them, eventually that will discard you into their spam folders.

To combat this situation, you have to make your emails catchy enough that recipients open them.

You Don’t Add Your Address in the Emails

Do you know the legal procedure for sending bulk emails? Along with all other clauses, you must add your physical address/PO box in the email.

If you do not add your physical location in the email, it might consider a red flag, and you might end up in a spam folder.

If you cannot include it anywhere in the email, you can embed it at the bottom of your email, so it doesn’t feel inappropriate. 

Wrapping Up!

If you are a small business or working from home, you might not have the time and energy to focus on all the dos and don’ts of sending bulk emails.

The ideal solution is to sign up for credible service providers like Bigg.ly that help you in sending multiple emails without any effort.