It’s undeniable that Dropbox is popular for file sharing. With nearly 700 million registered users, it’s one of the most common ways to share files online. But did you know there are better options out there? Read on to discover why you should say goodbye to Dropbox. 

1. Cost


Dropbox can be free—hypothetically. You can sign up for a free trial that only allows for up to 2GB of cloud storage and file sharing, and after that, the price ranges from $12 to $30 a month. Additionally, you have to create an account to use Dropbox, whether you’re sharing files for free or not. This can be a pain if you only use its services occasionally. 

2. Security 


Remember when hackers stole about 70 million passwords from Dropbox in 2012 and published them in 2016? Yikes. So what, you may say. That was a long time ago. While Dropbox has improved its security measures since then, it’s still not the safest for your critical data. The site does not use zero-knowledge encryption, meaning that Dropbox itself has access to your personal files. While they’re not necessarily always lurking, your cloud storage could be seen by law enforcement or cybercriminals. 

3. Usability

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Or lack thereof. Dropbox is not exactly known for being user-friendly, nor is it very flexible when your documents are sent and uploaded. Their search function is limited, too, especially for unpaid users. Therefore, it is sometimes difficult to find and share those specific files you need for your business. How can you trust a site that can’t even locate your data when you need it? 

What Can You Use Instead?

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There’s only one answer, and that is Bigg.ly! It is absolutely free. Bigg.ly is also secure, as all intra-site communication is done through HTTPS. Lastly, our site is incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is go to Bigg.ly, drop your file, email it to the intended recipient, and you’re done! Unlike Dropbox, it’s all right there on the homepage. Plus, Bigg.ly has a cute mascot, and you really can’t go wrong there. 

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