WeTransfer is a reliable file transfer solution that lets you send big data files for free without even registering an account. It is one of the most popular file-sharing services used widely around the world. However, WeTransfer is not the only file-sharing service available in the market. There are other alternatives that allow you to share large files as securely. They offer similar services, but each has unique features and different service emphases. 

WeTransfer - file transfer

Here we list the 3 best alternatives to WeTransfer that you may want to use next time you send a large file. All the following services allow you to send larger files for free, compared to WeTransfer.


Bigg.ly is a file transfer website that lets you share up to 4GB per transfer. It is a free service and doesn’t require you to open an account. You can visit the website and drag and drop the files to upload on the site. Then you need to enter the email addresses of the intended recipients as well as yours and hit the send button. You may also write a short message for the recipients. When sending the files to multiple recipients, enter the email addresses separated by a comma. You also get a sharing link to send to the recipient using your preferred messaging service.

Bigg.ly scans the files for viruses, packages them in a uniquely named zip file, and sends it to the recipients. The recipients can download the file from any device without additional apps or software. The files are removed from the server when it is no longer required. All the files and the intra-site communication on Bigg.ly are encrypted. Thus, you can send the files securely without any concerns.

Send Anywhere

Send Anywhere takes a slightly different approach to send big files. This app lets you send files in real-time. You upload the file and receive a 6-digit key. Then you can enter the code on the receiving device to download the files. 

If you can’t transfer the files in real time or want to share them with multiple recipients, you can create a link. There is no limit on file size for sending the files using the code method. However, for links, the upper limit is 10 GB per transfer. The links created with Send Anywhere come with an expiration date, and after that, the files are deleted.


The next file-sharing service on our list is Smash. It is another secure file-sharing platform that allows you to share large data files without signing up for an account. 

You can upload both files and folders by clicking the Smash logo. If you want to send it via email, you have to enter your email address and your contact’s email address, subject, and message. Alternatively, you can also create a link and share it with the intended recipients using other communication services. You have the option to protect your files with a password in either case.  

Smash doesn’t have any restriction on how large a file you can send for free. However, once the file size exceeds 2 GB, it won’t get priority treatment if you use it for free. The file will wait in the queue until all the priority files are sent. It can significantly slow down the process. The files remain on the server for seven days for download, and after that, they are deleted. While sending the files, you can see the expiration date. 

As you can see, all these file-sharing platforms remove the files from their server after a certain period. It minimizes the risk of your files falling into the wrong hands. Visit the sites, look at their features, and choose the one that suits your needs best.